Performance-Guaranteed B2B Sales

Instead of doing this: Hire another “lead gen” agency that doesn’t guarantee results.Or this: Increase your overhead with new, full-time SDRs.Start with a program that guarantees results in 90 days or less.



Doesn’t it make sense to put yourself on the right side of the risk-reward scale when you outsource sales & marketing?Our DFY outbound sales program is made for you — ONLY pay when you WIN!The truth is, most agencies don’t deliver. But you’ve still gotta pay up, no matter what.So we turned that model upside down.Why?Because it makes sense, it’s honest, and puts YOUR NEEDS first.Here’s the new way:YOU GET RESULTS OR YOU DON’T PAY.*And the best part?YOU DECIDE WHAT SUCCESS MEANS!Is it a specific number of leads? Meetings with qualified prospects? Closed deals? Amount of revenue? Something else entirely?It don’t matter, Jack (or Jill).You decide — and we take care of the rest.



Too good to be true?We can practically hear you say it…What makes you SO confident? How the hell can you people sleep at night, going around making these insane promises to your customers?Well, our GOLDEN GUARANTEE boils down to one simple fact:We’re a picky bunch.You’ll know right up front whether or not it’s a good fit.But you can figure it out right this minute if you’d like.Just answer 3 MAGIC QUESTIONS(1) Do you have a goal in mind?(And is it A BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS ONE?)(2) Do you know what’s getting in your way?And then there’s that thing. You know, THE THING you’re really good at…The EXACT thing you should doInstead of worrying about where your next sales meeting will come from…(3) Got that crystal clear, too?Check. Check. Check.Yes, Yes, YES!Welp, that’s the gist of it. We’re off to a great start.A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.Ok, OK… maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves just a teensy, tiny bit.(Only fools rush in, and all that timeless 1960s wisdom.)Truth is, we should probably chat first.But you did answer YES to the 3 magic questions.That’s why we’re confident about growing YOUR business along with…A B2B demand gen firm (3 years and counting!), an international SEO agency, a marketing agency, and a professional coaching program… just to name a few.You folks all have something in common.A couple of things, actually.Not only did you answer yes to the 3 MAGIC QUESTIONS, but you’re also B2B marketers and business owners who value performance-based partnerships.And that’s all it takes to back up our claims, to make that GOLDEN GUARANTEE.



At first glance, an outsider might think your business isn’t much different than your competitors. But you, your employees, and your customers know the truth.Your business has a very distinct way of doing things.You have your own rules, language, and traditions — all of which make your business special and unique.That’s why everyone we work with defines their ideal outcome.Our results aren’t one-size-fits-all, but you’ll know exactly what we’re aiming for before you ever spend a dime.Even though we won’t know what you need until we meet, it might help to see what other companies typically get when they work with us.Here are a few real-life examples of results from our program:

  • “Get 4 net new clients that spend an average of $4,000 a month in retainers.”

  • “Build your sales pipeline — to grow from 150(ish) leads you currently have to 200 by the end of the year.”

  • “Grow past 50 clients this year using email outreach.”

  • “Convert 12 prospects into new clients in Q4.”

  • “Increase your take rate on free audits and sales conversions from 10% to between 20% - 30%.”

  • “Land you $50,000 to $100,000 in Gross written premium.”

  • “Generate 35 sales-qualified leads (SQLs) — positive sentiment, interested & qualified prospects who book and attend meetings.”

  • “Improve email deliverability by 20%.”

  • “Convert 5 prospects into new customers (20% close ratio).”

Keep in mind these are legit examples from real customers, so don't sweat it if you don't see your ideal result.For now, imagine this…Your direct involvement isn’t required to find prospects.
Your direct involvement isn’t required to get their attention.
Your direct involvement isn’t required to secure a sales meeting.
And it doesn't end there!You also get ALL THIS AWESOME STUFF:

TECHNICAL SETUPTake the mountain of complex tech work off your plate and let us configure sending domains, set up new inboxes, and take care of all the backend work that’s required to make sure your emails land in the inbox. (We’ll also stay on top of it on an ongoing basis to make sure your deliverability never suffers.)PROFESSIONAL COPYWRITINGWe work with some of the best copywriters in the B2B space to create custom email sequences that speak directly to your target audience’s needs.Then we meticulously test EVERYTHING — from subject lines and calls to action to openers, images, personalization, and more — until we end up with several different message variations. This gives you the best chance of hitting it big with multiple winning emails!HIGH-QUALITY PROSPECT LISTSUsing spy-level buyer intent signals to identify the perfect prospects at the time they’re most likely to buy, we build high-quality lists from scratch.We clean them by hand and verify every single record to ensure the emails are current and valid — so you can be sure your message gets into the right inbox at exactly the right time.OFFER CREATION & VALIDATIONReady to de-commoditize your products & services? We’ll help you create an offer that guarantees your business stands out from the crowd.With a grab-your-attention-right-away kinda name, act-now bonuses, and clear language about why you’re different — you’ll convince prospects they should ALWAYS buy from you and leave your competition in the dust!NEED MORE PAIN POINTS?We also…MANAGE REPLIES

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Your up-front investment is $2,500 — 50% of the program’s total cost. It’s non-refundable. (If we don’t hit your goal, you don’t pay anything else.)When we hit your BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL, the remaining balance of $2,500 is due.Ready to take the next step?See if you’re qualified to join the world's fastest-growing PERFORMANCE-GUARANTEED B2B SALES program today.

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